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La Seu d'Urgell

The Parc Olímpic del Segre is right beside the historical centre of la Seu d'Urgell, noted for its Cathedral of Santa Maria, a 12th century Romanesque building which has become one of the symbols of the city. Over against the cloister, there is the 11th century Romanesque Church of Sant Miquel, and the Diocesan Museum, which contains a valuable collection of religious art, in particular a 10th century Beatus.
The historical city centre contains its commercial activity which is enriched by the market held on Tuesday and Saturday each week. You can find all manner of home made local products: delicatessen, wild mushrooms, cheese and butter, meat ...

The Valleys of Cadí

The Parc Olímpic del Segre stands at the foot of the Cadí-Moixeró nature park, the largest protected space in Catalonia. Its high mountain landscapes with leafy woods and natural meadows alternating with limestone rocks form a great variety of ecosystems and are favourable to the presence of numerous species of flora and fauna.
There are four esquí nòrdic resorts (Aransa, Lles, Sant Joan de l'Erm and Tuixent-La Vansa) in areas close to la Seu d'Urgell with a wide offer of activities all year round.

Price lists for leisure and cultural activities Price lists for leisure and cultural activities - Gymkhanas, visits and pedestrian or cycling routes around the outskirts of the city. Activities complement with canoeing and rafting.

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