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Ruta dels Dòlmens

enlarge map of the route

A fairly long but undemanding stroll through the Cabó valley where we can enjoy its two main attractions: the landscape and the megalithic constructions.

2h 40'
26,8 Km
580 m

This route has an attractive double.

Of a part, it will allow us to go for a very complete stroll by one of the valleys with more personality of the region, the valley of Cabó. By the other, along all the route we can contemplate up to six megalithic monuments, six dolmens that are very well distributed by all the itinerary, and they have sonorous and evocative names: Les Cobertrades, Colomera, Serrat de Malpàs, Pedra - Cabana....

We come out of Organyà to take the road of Cabó, and we will turn as if we wanted to go to Montanissell, to take the track that follows the old dirt road that united Organyà with Cabó, and that passes through fields and forests where it is not strange to find some deers. The dirt road dies in Cabó, but the route continues in direction to west, by the track of "Cap de la Vall", where we will find the dolmen of "Espluga del Molí de Favà" and exceptionable views on the valley.

Of return to Cabó - and after having done a visit to the church of "Sant Serni", installed above of a hill where we can have a rest to replace strengths - we will go towards Organyà by the asphalt road, from where we will be able to approach the two last dolmens of the visit.