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1h 15'
12,6 Km
175 m


From the Parc del Segre go to the Castellciutat bridge in Valira. From here you can see the meanders of the river that flows out of Andorra into the Segre. Before entering the village turn right and pass under the balustrades of the castle. Carefully cross over the road N-260 (a busy road). To your right you have the Solsona tower which supported the castle in the village and offers excellent views of the La Seu d'Urgell. Do not take the road off to the left which leads to Bellestar and forms part of route 43 but take the road to the right , same as routes 41 and 42, through an oak forest. The road ambles up and down and after a while climbs up to a cultivated area. From here the road is flat until you reach the Valira Valley. Shortly after an old quarry you will see the village of d'Anserall which can be reached along a road off to your right. Don't take this road but proceed along the wide road that forms part of the Rec dels Quatre Pobles route. Less that one kilometre from D'Anserall you will find the old Sant Serni de Tavèrnoles monastery with it's unusual roof with five domes. In addition the church faces westwards, a curiosity of the Romanesque times. Follow the road along the gorge northwards until you reach an intersection. Turn towards d'Anserall here. Pass through the ruins of the monastery. Further on you will reach the narrow streets of d'Anserall. In the centre of the village look for the road off to the right that runs along the side of the gorge. From here straight to the fields surrounding the Solsona tower. Return along the outgoing route to the start point.