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Aravell - Mardiscle

enlarge map of the route

This route combines a flatter first part around Bellestar and Aravell, rising sharply up to Sallent, which will allow us to enjoy a magnificent descent when returning to Aravell.

3h 13'
12,2 Km
676 m

The first part of the itinerary - from La Seu to "Mas d'en Roqueta" - is shared with route 41. Instead of turning towards Aravell, we will follow by the track that goes up in north direction.

There are sunny and rather dry places; we find pines and holm oaks, everything in contrast to the bottom of the valley, where the irrigation channel of the Four villages has made the miracle of turning a barren country in a paradise of meadows. Above we will arrive at a farm where they have horses: it is the tower of "Sant Climens", today absolutely in ruins. The track arrives at one first crossroads, that would bring us to Sallent and the Comes de Brubre; a little further on we find another one that goes to Sendes. We will take the one that throws in direction to noon, all slope, and that passes for the careening that closes one of the slopes of the valley of Castellbò.

It is an interesting route: we pass through the side of an old fortress of viscounts of Castellbò, the "Tower of the Moros", and, a little more down by the edge of the "Mas d'Iscle"- today we call it "Mardiscle". We leave to Aravell - one more time precaution with the golf balls. The return, by Montferrer and Castellciutat.