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Aravell - Bellestar

enlarge map of the route

A simple, fairly flat route, which takes us to two towns situated to the west of La Seu, passing through Castellciutat.

1h 45'
19,3 Km
676 m

From the starting point we are going to look for the bridge of Ciutat. We are raising in Castellciutat direction; we have the castle on the right; we pass below the hotel and we cross the C-14 road before of another fortification of century XVII: the tower of "Solsona", indefensible scene of heroic sieges and bombings.

We follow in north direction, to find the track that raises by an oak grove and that later plans until the garbage dump of "Benavarre". We will well quickly go through the side of the garbage dump to lower until Bellestar. Without entering the village we will continue towards west to find some farms. Arrived at the "Mas d'en Roqueta" there are two options: we can either go towards Aravell or we can follow the track that brings to Sallent (route 42).

We go towards Aravell, nowadays it is a changed village because of a new camp golf. In the past it was the village of the Faus brothers, a terrible family of bandits. Now there is no danger in being robbed, but we have to be on alert from the balls thrown by inexpert golf players, as it is indicated in a bill near the bridge on the way out of the village.

The road will leads us to La Trobada, with the museum of the floor mill and the hermitage of La Trobada, a very interesting archaeological remain. We will cross the C-14 road by a track on a different level on the right. The return we will do it by the urbanization of the "Balcó del Pirineu", from where we will lower towards the Ciutadella and Castellciutat.