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Estamariu - Calvinyà

enlarge map of the route

Long, uneven route which ascends through the municipality of Estamariu, passing through the woods and prairies of Arcavell in the Valira valley. The return journey passes through Calvinyà.

4h 20'
43,2 Km
676 m

This route, that is long and with a little difficulty, will make us cross a great variety of landscapes, from the plains from the shore to the forests and the high grazing lands.

The first section of the route runs along the river Segre by the way of Alàs. A little further on - by the N-260 highway - we will find the deflection that raises to Estamariu and Bescaran. The ascent is smooth and is compensated by the views of Alàs and Torres, and, more ahead, on La Seu. We will go by some little farms that there are on the foot of Estamariu, and, mainly, of the old church of "Sant Vicenç". As we go up, we will have a good perspective of the town: houses tightened on a hill and an admirable set of little fields.

We will leave the road to take a track that goes to Estamariu's Cortals. At 1400 meters we already find forests. When we see a diversion in the road we will have abandoned the term of Estamariu to pass to the one of Arcavell. The way already is flatter and it will leave soon to Boloriu. The panoramic opens towards valleys of "Sant Joan", and "El Ras d'Ars", and the "Salòria" peak. The track would bring us to Arcavell, but we will take one that leaves on the left and that, by "Coll de Jou", approaches us to Calvinyà, with good views on the Valira valley. From Calvinyà to La Seu, all slope: underneath the town and on the right, if we pay attention, we will see the "Santa Margarita's bell tower in ruins. A memory of the old village.