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enlarge map of the route

Another short route without great difficulties of relief, but that has the attractiveness to run between a certain diversity of landscapes.

1h 13'
12.2 Km
676 m

We come out of Parc del Segre to look for the bridge of "La Palanca". We will take the asphalt road from the left, that would take to Ortedó and Tuixén. The road ascends without difficulty between meadows and farms, in the way to Cerc.

Shortly after having passed the deflection of the old road of Alàs, we will take another crossing on the left, that plans and will take us to the east, passing near a field of shot to the plate. All the time we will have on our right the hill of "Sant Antoni", with its white hermitage in the summit.

Before arriving at the house of "Bell-Lloc", that was until century XVIII a residence for the Jesuits, we follow the descent, by a trail in north direction that will take us to the old road of Alàs. We continue descending until the football ground of the town, where we will take the track that follows the course of the river Segre, to return to the bridge of "La Palanca".