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La Bastida

enlarge map of the route

A classic. Short, gradual climb throughout the route until we get to the town of La Bastida d'Ortons. Great views of La Seu.

10.5 Km
676 m

A perfect itinerary to warm up or to make when you do not have a great deal of time.

Once we leave the bridge of La Palanca we take the asphalt road that raises until la Bastida. It is a comfortable and pleasant ascent, in a route framed by wild cherry trees, oaks and pines.

On the right we find Segalers. Soon we will arrive at the town of La Bastida - a possible variant of the route would contemplate the visit to the church of "Santa Coloma", at where it is arrived by a track on the right, before arriving at the town. For the descent we will take the old way, that runs between a magnificent oak grove and takes us again until the main road. On the other side of the river we see the old houses of "Cal Baró" and "Cal Quimesó".

The final section consists of a fast asphalt slope until the bridge of "La Palanca".