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Mesclant de les aigües

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A short stroll which allows us to visit the point where the waters of the Segre and the Valira meet, very close to La Seu.

4.9 Km
651 m

This very short stroll approaches us in its precise point where the river Valira, that comes from Andorra, joins to the Segre, just a kilometre and a half from the southwest of the urban centre of la Seu. We will see it from the left shore of the Segre, by the track that also goes to Arfa.

Throughout the stroll we see, always on the other side of the river, the town of Castellciutat and the formidable set of fortifications that during three centuries were object of sieges, attacks and diverse warlike eventful journeys. The going is done by the asphalt upper road that arrives until the torrent of "La Coma"; we return by the low track, the nearest to the river, that flows parallel to the first one.

The place where the two rivers meet is well perceivable, and often the water of the Segre is one colour and the one of the Valira is another one: they are mixed in one moment, and some meters down they are already the same one.