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Volta a Lletó

enlarge map of the route

A long, difficult and steep but spectacular route with magnificent views of the "Cadí". The climb passes through Alàs, Banat and Vilanova, whilst the descent takes in Ortedó and Cerc.

3h 26'
34.4 Km
676 m

A long route that requests good legs, because the total slope is high and some of the ascents are hard. But it is worth.
We go up by the track that of Alàs goes up towards the hermitage of "Santa Maria de les Peces" (route 12) and, passing through "Cal Marquet", we arrive at Banat. From Banat we will take the asphalt road between Ortedó and Vilanova de Banat.

At Vilanova we will see the Cadí mountain range, as a bottom drop curtain: it is not necessary to pay more attention to it because more ahead we will be able to see it all the time. We will follow by the track that, passing through "Coll de Cort", crosses the forest and, already the sunny slope of "El Galliner" (Hen house), that leads us to the uninhabited village of Lletó. At the bottom of the valley we can see "La Molina de Lletó", a single house where there had been a sawmill moved by water force.

We go out of Lletó and we go to the west, by the track that goes to Ortedó. At Ortedó we will go in front of "Cal Ribó", a strong house, and we will go down by the asphalt road until Cerc and La Seu d'Urgell, the starting point.