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El Pla

enlarge map of the route

A route through three small towns on the left bank of the Segre, to the south of La Seu. No problems here: a flat, pleasant stroll.

1h 37'
16.2 Km
631 m

The route follows the old way that connected the villages of the Urgellet with La Seu, by the left border of the Segre.

Passing the bridge of "La Palanca", and taking the path that goes to the west, we enter in Estaó, a place-name that remembers us one old Roman unit. The Segre, in this section, is not canalised and we will pass through the edge of some furious points. On the hills of the other band of the river, Castellciutat, Ciutadella and Montferrer. The valleys that we are finding are: the "Casanoves" and "La Coma", that are born of the buttocks ranges of the Cadí.

The bell tower of the church of Arfa indicates that we have already arrived at the town, famous for the Festa Major (greater celebration) - one of the first of the season - and for its cherries. We leave Arfa and its steep streets, to continue towards the west by the track that brings us until El Pla. El Pla - de Sant Tirs - was the site where the consuls of Urgell were going to receive the bishop when he came to take possession of the Episcopal see. Before, we will have arrived to Adrall. At the forests that there are upon the town had been an important mining activity - coal -, but nowadays is hardly remained. To return we will undo the going way.