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Alàs - les Peces

enlarge map of the route

A gradual climb to one of the best observation points of l'Urgellet. Towards the end, the stroll becomes a little steeper, although it does lead us to one of the most impressive churches of the region.

1h 27'
14.6 Km
676 m

The first part of the route follows the route number 11. Once we have passed the bridge of Alàs we will take the road that raises directly to the village. After living the square - where you find a drinking fountain - it begins the track that goes to "Les Peces" and "Banat". The ascent is smooth, among old abandoned pieces of ground and to the extent that we go advancing we gain view upon the bank.

At the mountains top we find "Santa Maria de les Peces" church, that has been visible, trimmed against the sky, during almost all the route. It is a roman church, with a truncated bell tower and an apse of semicircular plant with a modern enlargement on the south. It is a point of great devotion for people who live in Alàs and Torres - this village is opposite, on the other side of the river: at its top there are some remains of a castle that was property of the bishop of Urgell and it controlled the entrance to his dominions The door that there is in the new part is by where the faithful who came from Torres entered in it.

At east we see "The hole of La Seu", the strait that separates the Urgellet of the Baridà. We will go back by the other side of the river crossing the Segre by the bridge of La Seu.