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Volta al Cadí - Moixeró 1

enlarge map of the route

23h 50 '
222,3 Km
6.180 m


La Seu d'Urgell - Fórnols

6h 20 '
53,2 Km
1.820 m


This stage of the route, which is hilly, takes you to the ridge of the Cadí. The route is difficult but is mainly on tar roads and offers magnificent views along the way. Leave La Seu dÚrgell along the small road to Cerc. Soon after leaving Cerc turn right in the direction of Ges and the viewing point of La Trava, one of the best in the Alt Urgell. Drop down a little into the village of Adraén. Shortly after leaving Adraén, turn left onto a steep gravel road which, via a series of switch backs, takes you up to the Collada (saddle) del Pelat and, further on, the Collada del Pradell. Here you will find a wire fence and the summit of the Cadí, at 2,320 meters above sea level. The views from here are exceptional. Return along the same route to the intersection and turn left. Pass Coll (col) de Bancs and continue until you reach Fórnols in the valley of the Lavansa.


Fórnols - Bagá

6h 30
61 Km
1545 m


The second stage, the longest of the route, has more gravel road and has a considerable descent. From Fórnols, continue in the direction of Cornellana. At the turning to Cornellana, turn left along a gravel road that follows the river Ribanegra, which has the Cadí to the north and the peak Cadinell to the south, until the Coll de Jovell. Continue down the same path towards Josa. At the intersection shortly before Josa, turn right on the road towards Gosól. At the Pont (bridge) de Cerneres, turn left along a gravel road which is flat to begin with but becomes steeper and rockier. Here we leave the region of Collel and enter the region of Berguedá. Turn right on to the road that slopes down gently and leads to the spectacular Gresolet viewing point in front of the peak Pedraforca to the south. Continue along the tar road towards Saldes. After crossing the Pont de Saldes turn left onto a gravel road that follows the Gresolet stream. Pass the sanctuary and climb the Collado de Bauma. Continue downwards past the Collado de la Bena entering into the Bastareny valley all the way to Bagá.


Bagá - Martinet

5h 48'
56 Km
1.520 m


This stage is easier and less hilly than the previous stages with more tar road. Leave Bagá via the road to Col de Pal. Turn left onto a gravel road that leads to L'Hospitalet de Roca Sança and up the Collado de la Gavarra, with a view of the Moixeró, Pass the Rebost refuge and climb the Collada de la Bófina. Turn left at the intersection with the tar road (which you previously left) and climb the collada de Pal where the road changes to gravel. Climb the collada de la Mola passing the path off to the right that leads to La Molina. From here the road slopes downwards across the Pleta de les Baques until you reach the intersection of the road between La Molina (right) and Masella (left). Cross over the road and continue down a path leading to the bosc (forest) de la Pleta and les Deveses. On reaching the road between Masella and Alp, turn left towards Das, not on the main road but rather on an alternative one on the left. On reaching Das, turn left along the main road leading to the tunnel del Cadí. Turn left into the town of Urús and at the church turn left again and follow a narrow tar road that takes you to the rest area of the tunnel del Cadí and Riu de Cerdanya. Continue along this road down to Pedra and Bor. Shortly after Bor turn left along a path that takes you past Moli Pons and Cal Pons. After Cal Pons turn right on the tar road that takes you past Talló to Bellver de Cerdanya. From here take the road to Pi. Pass the Cucs (worms) fountain and turn right along a gravel road that intersects the road between Pi - Oliá and Nas. Turn right towards Santa Eugénia and Montellá. Cross over the Ridolaina stream to reach Montellá. Continue on down toward Martinet on a wider road. 


Martinet - La Seu d'Urgell

5h 48'
56 Km
1.520 m


The final leg of your journey is shorter and more gentle but should not be discounted as two thirds of this leg is along gravel roads. While cycling look at the magnificent views of the northern side of the Cadí. From Martinet, turn left along the road to Montellá and shortly afterwards take the road (right) in the direction of d'Estana and Bastanist. Shortly afterwards again, turn right after crossing the Cabiscol stream along a narrow road that passes through the l'estret (narrows) de Mollet where you enter the region of the Alt Urgell. Pass the houses at Arenys and turn left at the intersection with the tar road up the hill towards Toloriu. Pass Bar on the left and enter into Toloriu. Take the road that leads to the coll de Jou and follow the Fenella stream to Arséguel. At Arséguel, turn left along the tar road in the direction of Cava and Ansovell. At the next junction turn right towards Ansovell. Pass through and continue along the gravel road in the direction of the Boscal sanctuary where you will see a sensational view of the Cadí. Take the path that runs along the base of the Cadí towards coll de Vanses skirting around the turó (hill) dels Castellassos. From coll de Vanses descend along the Toscarre valley through the Bentanacs forest until you intersect the d'Ortedó - La Seu d'Urgell road. Turn left and descend past Cerc until La Seu d'Urgell.